Logo Design

Are you a startup trying to find new attractive logo? Or a settled business in need for a refresh? Maybe you’re searching for an entire brand overhaul? Or perhaps you’re unsure what you need and are in search of some expert advice. Well, we are here for you.

Wherever you are in the branding design process, we will tailor our approach to fit your needs.

1) Discovery
To understand your brand, your customers, your business aims and your market as good as you do.
2) Brand Positioning
This is often a process of sensor checking your existing proposition, or defining a replacement brand proposition through a brand strategy workshop with key shareholders.
3) Logo Inspect
With clarity over positioning, how can we think the present branding and logo meets the eye? Does it line up to the objectives of the business? Devoski Systems keeps these queries in mind and puts them under consideration to grant the client with the best product.
4) Design Direction
With all this information, Devoski Systems can create the return brief. This is the design direction and work can begin on the concepts and data grounds.

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